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The UC Merced Site of the University of California Educational Evaluation Center (UCEC) specializes in the development and testing of basic methodological and statistical developments that can be used in educational evaluations.

About UC Merced

UCEC–Merced is the first new American research university in the 21st century, with a mission of research, teaching and service. The campus opened September 5, 2005, in the Central Valley of California. The university is about an hour north of Fresno, two hours south of Sacramento, two hours southeast of San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, and 90 minutes west of Yosemite National Park.

The UC Merced Site of UCEC offers:

  • Faculty expertise in multiple areas of methodology and statistics, including experimental and quasi-experimental design, meta-analysis, measurement theory, item response theory, program evaluation, and Bayesian estimation.
  • Training of graduate students in quantitative psychology, including videoconferencing of courses to other UC campuses.
  • Consultation in the development of new methods and statistics that could be used in educational evaluation.
  • A rigorous and extensive program of research to improve methodology and statistics.

A Message from Dr. William R. Shadish, Site Director, UCEC–Merced

Educational evaluation is currently in a time of great change and excitement, with numerous new methodological and statistical developments that allow us to better assess the effect of educational interventions. The UC Merced Site of the UCEC is at the forefront of these developments. We hope to contribute not only to the improvement of new educational evaluations, but also to the training of a new generation of quantitative researchers who can carry this work forward into the future.

William R. Shadish, Site Director, UCEC–UCM
Professor and Founding Faculty, Psychological Sciences
209-228-4372 (Voice)
209-228-4390 (Fax)