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UCEC Summer Institute

Information about the UCEC Institute for Training in Educational Evaluation with application information


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 *** The Deadline for the 2014 Summer Institute has passed. The information below is for reference only. ***

UCEC Summer Training in Educational Evaluation Institute

Tuesday, July 22 – Thursday, July 24, 2014 

Application Instructions:

To apply, students must submit a complete application consisting of the following documents:

 Institute Application Form; current vita; and one faculty letter of support.

Application materials must be emailed to the UCEC at

 by 11:59pm PST on Friday, May 16, 2014

(deadline has been extended!)

with the following subject heading: 


Download the Institute Application Form here.

Application Guidelines

1. About the Institute Application Form (IAF)

Completing the IAF will require you to provide a research statement, personal statement, and other contact/background information.

  • RESEARCH STATEMENT: At the UCEC Institute for Training in Educational Evaluation students will have the opportunity to meet and share their individual research interests with UC professors and other graduate students. Please describe your current research topic/project/area that you would like to discuss with UC experts during the Institute. Your statement should be clearly written and understandable by a person outside your own area of specialization. Statement format: no more than 250 words (excluding references); no endnotes/footnotes.
  • PERSONAL STATEMENT: Please discuss your interest in participating in the UCEC Institute for Training in Educational Evaluation. Highlight any academic-related accomplishments such as coursework, conference presentations, publications, or professional activities, especially as related to educational evaluation. Discuss how you intend to use evaluation in your career. Your statement should be clearly written and understandable by a person outside your own area of specialization. Statement format: no more than 500 words (excluding references); no endnotes/footnotes.
  • BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Provide information about your current and previous programs of study; current program progress; and identify your faculty advisor(s) and recommender.

2. About the Vita

All submitted vitae must use 12-point, Times New Roman font; have 1" margins; be single- or double-spaced; and not exceed 2-pages in length.

3. About the Faculty Letter of Support

The letter, on official letterhead, should address the student’s academic progress and standing and discuss how the Institute would benefit the student’s academic/professional development.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that faculty submit the letter of support to UCEC via email by 11:59pm PST on April 27, 2014. The faculty member should send the letter to with the subject line "UCEC Institute Letter of Support for [student’s last name]".

Institute Applications without a letter of support is considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

NOTE: All submitted files must adhere to the following naming convention: "YOUR LAST NAME, YOUR FIRST INITIAL - DOCUMENT TYPE.pdf". The document should be identified as: "IAF" (Institute Application Form), "CV" (Curriculum Vita), or "FLOS" (Faculty Letter of Support).


Frequently Asked Questions about the UCEC Summer Institute

      1. Who is eligible to apply?: An applicant must be a masters or doctoral student enrolled and in good academic standing at a University of California campus (Berkeley; Davis; Irvine; Los Angeles; Merced; Riverside; San Diego; San Francisco; Santa Barbara; and Santa Cruz). Applicants may be from any academic discipline but must have strong interest in educational evaluation. While not required, prior experience in educational evaluation is encouraged (coursework, research projects, etc.). Students who were not admitted to attend previous Institutes may apply again. Students who have attended previous Institutes may not apply again.
      2. What are expenses are associated with Institute participation?: There is no fee to attend the Institute. Admission to the Institute includes training materials, lodging (shared hotel suite with one or two other student for two nights), and several meals (two breakfasts, one lunch, and one dinner). In addition, students will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $350 for transportation to/from the training (receipts required) after the Institute. All other expenses are the responsibility of the student.
      3. What are the participation requirements?: If accepted to participate in the training, students are required to attend the entire program (arriving by 1pm on Tuesday, July 22 and participating through noon on Thursday, July 24). Students who do not attend the entire program will not be reimbursed.
      4. When and where will the Institute be held?: The Institute will take place from 1pm on on Tuesday, July 22 and participating through noon on Thursday, July 24, at UCLA.
      5. What topics/issues are covered during the Institute and how?: Institute participants will receive training in a number of areas, including evaluation theory, evaluation procedures, mixed methods research, experimental or quasi-experiemental methods, among others. For additional topics that have been previously addressed and a sample agenda, see this document: 2012 Institute Agenda & Instructors
      6. How do I submit application materials?: All materials (Institute Application Form, CV, and letter of support) should be emailed to the UC Educational Evaluation Center at with a subject line of “YOUR LAST NAME, YOUR FIRST INITIAL - UCEC Institute Application.” The committee will not review incomplete applications.
      7. What is the application deadline?: All application materials must be submitted by 11:59pm PST on May 16, 2014.
      8. How are admission decisions made?: Final decisions will be made by a UCEC review committee. Students will be selected based on the strength and thoroughness of the overall application. Special consideration will be given to applications with an articulated interest in educational evaluation. In addition, consideration will be given to selecting students from a range of academic disciplines across UC campuses.
      9. When will admission notifications be sent?: Applicants will be notified of a decision via email in May. Students will need to accept admission to the Institute shortly thereafter or will forfeit their slot. Students who agree to the program’s terms, must confirm acceptance via email to with the subject line “YOUR LAST NAME, YOUR FIRST INITIAL - UCEC Institute Confirmation.”
      10. What if I have more questions?: If you have other questions, please email with a subject line of “UCEC Institute Inquiry.”


Comments From Previous Institute Participants

“I valued the information that was presented in all of the workshops and felt it was relevant to my current research interests.”

“The Institute Faculty are among the best in their respective fields so I was very pleased that I was given the opportunity to interact with them.”

“I was surprised by the diversity of graduate students represented at the Institute, and the great academic and social interactions I had with these students.”