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UCEC Resources at UC Berkeley

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UCEC–Berkeley is located in the School of Education under the direction of Professor Bruce Fuller. The center links researchers to three affilitated organizations:

The Center for Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE): PACE works with scholars from California's leading universities and with state and local policymakers to increase the impact of academic research on educational policy in California. Dr. Bruce Fuller, Co-Director.

The Institute of Human Development (IHD): Within IHD, a multi-disciplinary group of researchers examine the biological, psychological, social, and cultural forces that shape individual development and human growth. Dr. Bruce Fuller, Co-Director.

The Berkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research (BEAR) Center: The BEAR Center focuses on development and use of appropriate assessment methods for evaluating students, schools, and educational policy. Dr. Mark Wilson, Director.

A Message from Dr. Bruce Fuller, Site Director, UCEC–Berkeley

How can sound research and engaging educators help to lift California's children? This question animates the work of many Berkeley faculty members and their graduate students.

The UC Educational Evaluation Center serves to galvanize a variety of applied investigations, each aiming to carefully frame problems of learning and human growth—then to discover what reforms work, which don't, and why.

Three beehives of analytic work serve to complement UCEC within Berkeley's Graduate School of Education (BEAR, PACE, IHD).  Additional scholars from around the campus dig into a wide range of questions inculding:How can we best finance schools? Do Latino preschool teachers socialize children more effectively? What are the effects of tracking students? How do we encourage girls in third-world countries to remain in school?

From working inside classrooms to advising the governor on education reform, Berkeley continues a long history of aiding California's kids and schools. I urge you to explore and draw upon Berkeley's rich resources. Don't hesitate to call or email.


Bruce Fuller, Site Director, UCEC–Berkeley
Professor, Education and Public Policy